Best Spirulina Powder

A Comparions of the Best Spirulina Powders

made from algae which could only be found in non-contaminated oceans and lakes. It is commonly called a superfood because of its high nutritional profile which mostly contains high levels of protein, beta-carotene, and other essential nutrients and minerals. But there are various brands of spirulina powder and it is important to know how these brands are different from each other in terms of quality and price.

Nutrex Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica

Nutrex Hawaii is cultivated by using a mixture of 100% fresh water from Hawaiian aquifers and and mineral-rich deep ocean water which is pumped 2,000 ft. below the water surface. Due to its uniqueness in cultivation, it has 94 minerals and trace elements. In addition, Spirulina Pacifica has its own ocean chill drying system which eliminates the oxidation of creatine, enzymes, and fatty acids. Nutrex has its own innovative packaging system which contains oxygen absorbers and heat-sealed bags that are placed into large boxes for shipping. This packaging system protects the spirulina powder from oxidation to guarantee fresh spirulina for consumers.

The Fukushima Power Plant has not affected Nutrex Spirulina with its radiation. Testing is done inside the laboratories which are free from radiation. Samples are also sent outside the laboratories for radiation testing to ensure customer safety. Every test has come back with negative results, which means that the samples were not affected by radiation. In fact, spirulina is an effective cure for people who are suffering from radiation poisoning.

Now Foods Organic Spirulina Powder

Now Foods is a company based in India that manufactures other supplements besides spirulina. It is now being outsourced to a different company, which would explain why its quality has gone down ever since. Now Foods Spirulina tastes bad compared to Nutrex Spirulina since the latter uses 100% fresh water and Now Foods is organic. Now Foods has lower protein levels, which is quite puzzling since the whole point of spirulina is based on protein. However, Now Foods Spirulina is very high in bioavailable iron which is favorable for those who are pregnanct, anemic, and suffering from constipation.

Starwest Botanicals Organic Spirulina Powder

Another brand is Starwest Botanicals which is somehow another Now Foods because it’s also organic. The taste is worse than Now Foods and that is why it is recommended to mix it with foods and drinks. The flavor is described to taste like a fake version of spirulina which could cause stomach problems. The label is misleading because it says it’s USDA- and FDA-approved but it’s not. On the other hand, it’s cheaper and more affordable despite some quality issues.

All these brands offer the same quantitative amount of spirulina powder in 1 pound per order. But they have slight differences when it comes to their price. Nutrex Pacifica Powder is the most expensive at $26.25 while Starwest Botanicals is the cheapest at $20.99. Meanwhile, Now Foods can be bought for $23.77. Both Nutrex and Now Foods have a 47% discount, but Starwest Botanical offers a 5% discount — that’s really cheap compared to the two aforementioned brands, but you have to consider that its quality is quite inferior.

Overall, despite being the most expensive, Nutrex is still the best choice. Spending a few more dollars for a high quality product is better than choosing the cheapest but lowest quality product. It also tastes more delicious than any other spirulina powders out there, meaning there is no need to mix it with foods and shakes because you can consume it right away without the usual bad spirulina organic taste. Its packaging system is better because it prevents oxidation to preserve quality. No wonder it’s so popular and trusted by millions of people around the world.