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What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a form of cyanobacterium that is safe to be taken by humans and animals. This microalgae is also sometimes called pond scum, a term that may sound funny, but perfectly states where the product comes from. It is processed from a type of blue-green algae that is typically found in salty lakes and oceans at places where the climates are subtropical.

Spirulina algae are plant-like organisms that are rich in iron and B-vitamins. These organisms are used in products that are intended to deal with many health problems, which include obesity. The algae is best taken orally in order to benefit from it. This is the prime reason why blue green algae superfood supplements, such as the  Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica, were developed. Aside from being sold as supplements, this is also used as a color additive in packaged foods, which include candy and gum.

Health Benefits of Spirulina?

Related products are gaining lots of attention because of the known Spirulina benefits. Take a look into this list to find out why spirulina may be good for you.

  1. Good source of Spirulina protein. This is among the many nutrients that the product contains. How much protein in Spirulina? It is generally sufficient, but the supplement is not enough if you are only after its protein content. You have to take large doses if your body requires a lot of protein. In this case, it is recommended that you take this along with foods that are rich in protein, such as meat, legumes, whole grains, and nuts.
  1. Help protect and boost the body’s natural antibiotics. Antibiotics help in destroying the unwanted organisms in the body, but there are certain types that can also get rid of the good bacteria. As a result, the person suffers abdominal pains and diarrhea. It was found out that the Spirulina in test tubes can boost the growth of the so-called good bacteria or probiotics, which include Lactobacillus acidophilus.

  1. Healthier immune system. The product helps in increasing the body’s production of antibodies, proteins that fight off infection and improves one’s immunity. There are certain tests that were done to animals, which proved that this can help ward off diseases, such as influenza, AIDS, and herpes. More studies are being done to prove that the same findings are applicable to humans.
  1. Protect the body against liver disorders. There are certain supplements that are feared to cause damage to the liver. This is the reason why many people are skeptical in choosing the kind of product to take. It is great to know that Spirulina has passed this category. Instead of bringing harm, it protects the liver from damage and prevents liver failure for those who have chronic hepatitis.
  1. Promotes healthy eyes. It’s abundant in a nutrient (scientifically referred to as zeaxantuin) that is essential to the eyes. This helps in reducing the risks of a person to develop eye problems, such as age-related macular degeneration and cataract.
  1. Prevents oral cancer for those who chew tobacco. Those who chew on tobacco are prone to develop leukoplasia, a form of a precancerous lesion. Taking the product helps in reducing the risks of developing the lesion and aids in getting rid of it for those who already have the disease.

Through continued research, those who are involved in processing Spirulina products are set to prove that the health-boosting algae has a lot more health benefits to offer. More evidence are being gathered to ensure its effectiveness in managing conditions such as allergies, diabetes, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), hepatitis-C, menopausal syndromes, stress, depression, high blood pressure, and many more.

Spirulina Side Effects?

Just like any kinds of supplements, the product has to be taken under the supervision of a health care provider. This is especially true for people who are taking medications or undergoing therapies. The good thing about the product is that it is safe, even when taken in high doses. You only need to make sure that you only buy this from a reputable provider and trusted brand. You wouldn’t want to take products that are contaminated with toxic substances.


Avoid taking the product if you have phenylketonuria, a kind of metabolic condition. Your body will find it hard to metabolize the amino acid phenylalanine that the product contains. This must also not be taken by those who are suffering from autoimmune diseases, which include lupus, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. In this case, the product can stimulate your body’s immune system, which may worsen your existing health problems.


This is a natural product that is generally safe, for as long as you are certain that what you’ve got is uncontaminated. There are a few people who experience side effects, especially in the first few days, after trying to take the supplement. These symptoms include the following:

  • Stomachache
  • Constipation
  • Slight drowsiness
  • Slight fever
  • Slight itch

The side effects will naturally go away as your body learns how to adapt with the health benefits of the supplement. If it ceases to stop or the side effects get worse, stop taking the product and have yourself checked by a doctor.

Spirulina Weight Loss

If you’re planning to take this supplement for weight loss, take note that you can get it in different forms, such as blue algae powder, capsule, and tablet. Follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding the recommended dosage based on your gender, age, and weight.

The product is known for its benefits. Spirulina weight loss occurs due to these reasons:

  1. It has a good amount of protein and a low calorie content. The protein that it has is easily absorbed by the body, which aids in building muscles and in burning more calories. For every gram of protein, the product contains 3.9 calories. A standard 500mg tablet contains two calories. This gives you nutrients in Spirulina without suffering from the consequences of taking in too much calories.
  1. The vitamins in Spirulina and minerals in Spirulina help in making you feel full most of the time. When you are hungry, your body instinctively acts to look for food. Your mind will be in constant search for the food item that triggers your appetite until you have given in. To prevent this from happening, the product helps in increasing the concentration of nutrients in your body. As a result, you will have less cravings and you will seldom feel hungry.
  1. Spirulina has a rich content of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and Omega-3 fatty acids. The best source of GLA is breast milk. This nutrient aids the development of the child’s brain. GLA, when it comes to weight loss, is effective in regulating your insulin levels and blood sugar. When you supply your system with these nutrients, it will experience minimal cravings for carbohydrates, which is an important factor to lose weight.

Spirulina Fukishima Radiation

You may have heard about the worries on Spirulina radiation. This scare started when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 2011. This left a lot of casualties, which include the destruction of TEPCO’s Fukushima nuclear power plant. The contaminated debris and radiation are feared to be brought from Japan to the waters in the US.

A lot of lessons were learned from the Chernobyl incident that remains to be the worst nuclear power plant destruction in the world. These lessons were applied after the Fukushima occurrence. In this case, the negative health impacts were minimized and contained.

This is part of the reason why you need to be certain of the brand and reputation of the seller of the product before you buy. You have to be sure of its safety and you must be given the warranty that it is not contaminated and it doesn’t pose dangers to your health. Since Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina comes from Hawaii- the Fukishima radiation has not affected hawaii or Nutrex spirulina. Nutrex has gone through testing in Labs for radiation which comes back negative. The sea water which Nutrex gets to mix spirulina is pumped from 2000 feet below the surface of the ocean which has not seen the surface of the ocean in over 2000 years.

Spirulina has healing qualities for people who has poisioning from radiation so this can be quite beneficial for consumers.

Spirulina Nutrition Facts

The dried variant has about 60 percent of protein, which contains all essential amino acids. It has seven percent lipid content and is rich in GLA, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and linoleic acid (LA). It also contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), arachidonic acid (AA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and stearidonic acid (SDA).

spirulina nutrional information1

The product contains B vitamins, such as riboflavin, thiamine, folic acid, nicotinamide and pyridoxine. It has vitamins A, C and E. The supplement has other beneficial nutrients, which include sodium, zinc, calcium, potassium, copper, iron and magnesium. There are other essential nutrients that make the product fitting to be called a superfood. These nutrients are beta-carotene, isomers, myxoxanthophyll, zeaxanthin and a lot more.

Where Can I Buy Spirulina Online Cheap?

The product is available at many local health stores. This can also be safely bought online. In this case, make sure that you read various Spirulina tablets reviews, compare Spirulina tablets vs powder and consider the feedback of those who have already tried it. Search about the brand and reputation of the seller before you place an order.

To make it easier for you, a good brand of Spirulina is the Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica. You can get this from trusted dealers or order online at its official website. The product is safe and effective, whether you buy the Spirlulina powder or prefer its other forms. A lot of people can testify on how it worked for them and helped them in dealing with many kinds of health problems.

In every 3-gram serving of the product, you will get a good dose of protein, phytonutrients, and other essential nutrients. When taken on a regular basis, this can help you in dealing with your weight issues and provide numerous health benefits. The product comes with a warranty and detailed instructions on how to take it to attain maximum benefits.

Surely, there are many other Spirulina supplements on the market that are worth the investment. Just don’t make the mistake of immediately purchasing the first thing you see – as pointed out, doing a bit of research will do you good.

Hawaiian Spirulina Weight Loss PowderA 2nd unfavorable judgment is actually that, given that the condition “superfood” is actually certainly not clinical, that could suggest hardly any and even cue some buyers to consume one type of meals over one more. Is actually cabbage definitely that above asparagus?

Research study has actually revealed that the best diet regimen is actually one that is actually greatly plant-based along with a wide range of fruit products, veggies, entire surfaces and also nutritious pet food products. Superfoods could be a friendly entrance in to healthy and balanced consuming, and even comprehending the dietary worth of the food items home owners consume might be illuminating, yet there are actually tons of well-balanced foods items on the market to check out, regardless of whether nobody is actually contacting all of them “very.”.

do not possess their very own food items team,” stated Despina Hyde, an enrolled diet professional along with the body weight control course at New York College’s Langone Medical. “As a diet professional, I believe ‘superfood’ is actually even more of an advertising phrase for meals that possess health and wellness positive aspects.”.

KalePin That Cabbage.
Credit report: Imaronic|ShutterstockView total measurements graphic.
Cabbage stays up to the nonsense of a superfood. Bring in cabbage to that checklist.

Delightful white potato and even squash likewise typically create the superfood checklist, for identical main reasons as those provided for leafed veggies. Each form of food items are actually usually impressive resources of fiber, vitamin An and also so much more. These experts are actually likewise typically wonderful and even do not need the butter, sodium or even lotion normally included in white potatos.

Critical remarks of the language.
As nutritious as superfoods could be actually, the usage of the condition is actually mainly an advertising and marketing device. A hunt for “superfood” on PubMed, the storehouse of a lot of them peer-reviewed biomedical diary posts, returns less compared to a lots end results. And also a few of these researches really alert of threats of superfoods, such as arsenic as well as chemical deposits in imported meals.

One might equally as simply feature greenish herbal tea, coffee, black delicious chocolate, natural yogurt, as well as olives to the superfood checklist for a wide array of explanations pointed out over.

PomegranatePin That Pomegranate extract.
Credit score: kingero|ShutterstockView complete dimension graphic.
The “unusual fruit product of the year” are going to definitely be actually on any kind of superfood checklist, as well. Pomegranate extract, for instance, includes ellagitannins (ellagic acid), which have actually understood anti-cancer commercial properties. Reddish raspberries, which are actually probably merely as delectable as pomegranate extract seeds, additionally include ellagic acid.

The advantages of consuming fish might much surpass the threat of damaging your wellness coming from the mercury these fish include, depending on to Harvard’s T.H. Chan Institution of Community Health and wellness. If home owners fret concerning the impurities your fish supper could include, home owners could make an effort consuming lesser down on the food items establishment.

Kiwifruit likewise covers a lot of a checklist of well-liked superfoods. Kiwifruit is actually classified a superfood maybe due to the fact that includes a greater selection of nutrients contrasted to some various other fruit products.

QuinoaPin That Quinoa.
Credit score: Charlotte nc Pond|ShutterstockView complete measurements picture.
Grains and also entire surfaces are actually regular enhancements to the superfood checklists. Grains include insoluble fiber, which reduces cholesterol levels; dissolvable fiber, which supplies a much longer sensation of volume; as well as lots of vitamins as well as indication minerals greatly lacking in the regular American diet regimen, such as manganese.

The initial standard objection of the usage of the phrase “superfood” is actually that, while the food items on its own may be actually nutritious, the handling may certainly not be actually. Several kinds of super-juices– acai fruit, noni fruit product, pomegranate extract– may be actually higher in brought in glucose.

BlueberriesPin That Blueberries.
Credit score: Stephanie Frey|ShutterstockView total measurements photo.
Given that these experts are actually wealthy in vitamins, dissolvable fiber as well as phytochemicals, blueberries usually leading several listings of superfoods. The very same nutrients discovered in blueberries are actually additionally discovered in numerous various other kinds of fruits, featuring cranberry extracts and even strawberries. A research released in 2013 in the diary Flow containeded that a higher consumption of phytochemicals referred to as flavonoids– which are actually containeded in blueberries, in addition to various other form of fruits– might lessen the threat of particular heart disease in girls.

There are actually no collection requirements for establishing just what is actually as well as exactly what is actually certainly not a superfood, depending on to the American Center Affiliation.

Kiwifruit is actually classified a superfood probably given that includes a greater selection of nutrients reviewed to some various other fruit products. Delightful white potato and also squash likewise generally produce the , for comparable main reasons as those specified for leafed eco-friendlies. The “amazing fruit product of the year” are going to undoubtedly be actually on any sort of superfood checklist, also. And even numerous of these researches in fact alert of hazards of superfoods, such as arsenic as well as chemical deposit in imported meals. The initial overall unfavorable judgment of the usage of the phrase “superfood” is actually that, while the meals on its own may be actually nutritious, the handling could certainly not be actually.

Taking in foods items that are actually loaded along with nutrients (as a lot of alleged superfoods are actually) is actually definitely a great idea, Hyde said to Live Scientific research. The trick to a healthy and balanced diet plan is actually to take in an assortment of nourishing foods items in the ideal amounts, she incorporated.

“When our company tag these meals as ‘tremendously’ and also ‘healthy and balanced,’ a lot of people assume these experts may consume all of them in limitless volumes. Home owners carry out possess to be actually watchful of the volume home owners having, given that home owners can easily obtain body weight coming from having as well significantly healthy and balanced food items,” Hyde pointed out.

As well as fruit products without sugarcoated still consist of fats, took note Hyde, that mentioned she motivates her customers, a number of who are actually aiming to drop weight, to having every thing in small amounts.

Several entire grains are actually refined in a method to be actually even more flavorsome and even much less nutritious. On-the-spot whole-grain cereals are actually as harmful as extremely refined white colored bread in that these experts swiftly surge sweets degrees in the blood stream when eaten, marketing being overweight, insulin-resistance as well as diabetic issues, depending on to investigation by David Ludwig at Harvard College.

A few of the nutrients that clear superfoods have consist of anti-oxidants, believed to prevent cancer cells; healthy and balanced body fats, believed to avoid cardiovascular disease; fiber, believed to avoid diabetic issues and also digestion issues; or even phytochemicals, the chemicals in vegetations behind rich different colors as well as scents, which could possess many wellness perks.

Popular superfoods.
“Superfoods provide extra-large dosages of minerals and vitamins that may aid our company fend off conditions and even reside a much longer, more healthy lifestyle,” claimed Hyde.

Superfoods are actually meals– mainly plant-based however likewise some fish as well as dairy products– believed to be actually thereby friendly and also nutritionally heavy for one’s health and wellness. Blueberries, cabbage, salmon as well as acai are actually simply a couple of instances of foods items that have actually gotten the “superfood” tag.

Seeds and also almonds include very high amounts of minerals and also well-balanced body fats. These are actually typical add-ons on superfood listings, the drawback is actually that these experts are actually higher in fats. A simple handful of shelled almonds might have additional compared to ONE HUNDRED fats, depending on to Hyde.

This is actually virtually inconceivable to provide up all harmful foods items and even take in merely superfoods. The secret is actually to consume as a lot of superfoods as feasible and also method part management along with every little thing else.

Prep work
Superfoods call for well-balanced planning. Attempt to eat veggies biting whenever achievable, and even stay away from undesirable plunges and also dress up like farm or even blue cheese. When cooking superfoods like salmon and also barley, make use of olive oil– an additional superfood– as an alternative of butter.

As the attraction of superfoods boosts, producers are actually presenting a broad array of supplements to resemble the impacts of these meals. Whenever feasible choose for superfoods rather of very supplements.

Superfoods deliver an assortment of health and wellness positive aspects. Because these experts are actually reduced in fats, superfoods are actually a wonderful means to regulate or even drop body weight. Lots of superfoods are actually additionally higher in fiber, which ensures digestive system wellness; calcium mineral, which advertises bone tissue wellness; or even omega-3 fats, which market soul health and wellness.

consist of very most veggies and even fruit products as properly as various other foods items like salmon, barley, as well as natural yogurt. Fruits are actually looked at one of the greatest kinds of fruit product since these experts are actually higher in disease-fighting anti-oxidants.

“Superfood” is actually a preferred condition in the health and wellness food items business. Given that the magic wellness supplement possesses but to be actually devised, superfoods are actually the physical body’s finest wager.

“Superfood” is actually a well-known phrase in the wellness food items field. Superfoods consist of very most veggies as well as fruit products as effectively as various other meals like natural yogurt, barley, as well as salmon. When cooking superfoods like salmon and also barley, make use of olive oil– one more superfood– as an alternative of butter. That is actually virtually inconceivable to provide up all unhealthful foods items and even take in just superfoods. As the appeal of superfoods boosts, makers are actually offering a broad selection of supplements to imitate the impacts of these foods items.

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WebMD resorted to some pros for responses concerning the multibillion-dollar nutritional and even dietary supplement sector.

Jis4Judy Jis4Judy.
Pay out even more focus on people at the event and also certainly not a lot on the meals. Consume one thing packing … Find out more.

A check out to the wellness meals establishment can easily be actually a difficult encounter. This is actually hard to think out exactly what to select coming from amongst the excessive array of dietary as well as nutritional supplements on the rack.

Complete purchases for the United States diet supplement field in 2006 are actually determined at $22.1 billion, along with vitamins making up $7.2 billion of that, mentions Patrick Rea, publisher of the market place research study magazine Nourishment Company Diary. Featured in this particular total amount are actually certainly not simply purchases of vitamins, however additionally those of minerals, herbs/botanicals, sporting activities

Are actually wanted to nutritional supplement the diet regimen
Consist of several elements (like vitamins, natural herbs, amino acids or even their elements).
Are actually wanted to become utilized by oral cavity.
Are actually classified as nutritional supplements.
Excellent to Know.
Just how perform home owners manage social conditions where food items is actually an emphasis?

1 of 7.
Portion Your Encounter.
The Fda (FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION) the moment managed diet supplements similarly that carries out foods items, however that modified since Aug. 24, 2007. The FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION’s brand-new excellent production techniques reigning makes sure that supplements:.

Are actually generated in a top quality fashion.
Carry out certainly not have contaminations or even impurities.
Are actually properly tagged.
“Producing grain is actually really various coming from creating nutritional supplements. … This brand new judgment is actually quite particular to the manufacturing of grains and also pills as well as are going to provide customers fantastic self-confidence that just what gets on the tag is actually definitely in the food product,” states Vasilios Frankos, POSTGRADUATE DEGREE, of the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION’s Branch of Dietary Supplement Programs.

Multivitamin pills.
Having a regular multivitamin pill along with minerals has actually long been actually contemplated dietary “insurance policy” to deal with diet deficiencies.

“There is actually no damage in having a once-daily multivitamin pill, so long as home owners pick one based upon your grow older and also sexual activity,” points out Underground chamber. “Utilize one everyday or even simply on times when your diet plan is actually poor. Far better in comparison to a multivitamin pill is actually to load in the voids along with meals that supplies therefore considerably additional in comparison to supplements.”.

The FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION supplies suppliers along with standards for creating cases regarding just what results their food products carry the body system, Frankos states.

Expecting ladies.
Nursing mamas.
Meticulous vegetarians.
A lot of people along with meals allergy symptoms or even intolerances.

That Necessities Nutritional Supplements?
This is crucial to keep in mind that nutritional supplements are actually developed to supplement your diet plan, certainly not to change nourishing foods items.

A browse through to the wellness meals shop could be actually a difficult encounter. This is actually hard to think out exactly what to decide on coming from amongst the excessive array of dietary as well as nutritional supplements on the rack. Coming from vitamins to minerals to body weight reduction tablets, there are actually 1000s of alternatives to pick coming from. “Utilize one regular or even only on times when your diet plan is actually poor. Far better in comparison to a multivitamin pill is actually to fill up in the voids along with meals that supplies therefore considerably additional compared to supplements.”.

“Foods are actually therefore sophisticated, supplying certainly not merely minerals as well as vitamins, yet fiber, nutrients (excess fats, carbs, and also healthy proteins), phytochemicals, and even an entire bunch of nourishing drugs that scientific research has actually certainly not entirely recognized that cooperate along with various other meals and even deliver the perks of a healthy and balanced consuming design.”.

Still, the ADA realizes that some folks could call for supplements due to the fact that the minerals and/or vitamins these experts searching for are actually difficult to obtain in sufficient quantities in the diet plan. These teams feature:.

Food Substitutes.
Fluid as well as powder food products like SlimFast and even Guarantee could certainly not be just what many of our company consider diet supplements. These experts are actually consisted of in the checklist due to the fact that these experts are actually made to muscle building supplement the diet plan.

“If these experts produce a case, these experts should advise our company so our company could examine that,” Frankos says. “Suppliers need to offer our team along with documentation that their diet supplements are actually harmless and also efficient.”.

“Supplements can easily enrich a diet regimen where there are actually deficiencies, yet a handful of vitamin, mineral or even various other diet supplements may certainly never fill in a well-balanced diet plan,” mentions David Underground chamber, RD, a representative for the American Dietetic Organization (ADA).

For a lot of people that cannot having frequent meals as a result of diseases, these food products great substitutes. Still, “having a variety of nutrient-rich foods items is actually a lot better, if endured,” mentions Underground chamber.